November 2019



Five-Year Survival in 60% in Advanced Melanoma
Lichen Planus: Progress Towards a Specific Therapy
A New Biologic Targetting The Alarmin Cytokine IL33 May Win The Race For Atopic Dermatitis Control
How Much Testosterone For Inducing Acne. The Trans Gender Model
Next Generation Anti-IgE Treatment For Urticaria
Mechanisms of Itch in Stasis Dermatitis
Transcriptomics Of Skin TreatedwithTopicalClobetasol Similar To Aged Skin

FOCUS (page 10)
Stem Cell Secretome: A New Booster or An Expensive Soup In Aging ?
Prevalence of Dermatoporosis Highest in Pemphigoid!! Guess Why!
Hematomas of Dermatoporosis Have More Morbidity Than Hip Fractures!
Nicotinamide An Anti Aging Molecule
Metabolic Reprograming Is Emerging As a Key Target In Skin Anti Aging
The Four Emerging Rejuvenation Strategies
A Breakthrough!!! Senolytic Drugs Decrease Senescent Cell In Humans

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PROTOKOLL der 101. Generalversammlung der SGDV
PROCÈS-VERBAL de la 101e Assemblée Générale de la SSDV

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Eine neue Form des Schleimhautpemphigoids: Orales Schleimhautpemphigoid vom Lichen Typ

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Clavus, Hühnerauge / Cor, œil de perdrix

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Ilumetri® (Tildrakizumab) überzeugt durch nachhaltige Wirkung und schlanke Anwendungsintervalle