March 2018

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-Personal Care Products Contribute To Pollution
-How Menthol Makes Your Skin Cool
-Pathogens Boosted by Food Additives
-One Gene Two Diseases
-The Nerve-Keratinocytes Synapses

FOCUS: Allergic Skin Diseases (Page 8)
-Oral Intake of New Probiotic Improve Atopic Dermatitis
-A Topical JanusKinase Inhibitor as Good as Tacrolimus In Atopic Dermatitis
-Bed Bugs Defecate Large Amounts of Histamine
-The Jungle of Chronic Inducible Urticaria
-New Targeted Treatments for Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria: Beyond Omalizumab
-Restoration of aspirin tolerance following omalizumab
-Omalizumab Over Performs in The Real World

12  - Competition (German and French)
16 - Congrès: 8e Rencontres Romandes de dermatologie et vénéréologie (French)

Reports (German)
22 - Quiz
24-  Coup d’oeil
26 - Porträt Mangana Joanna
28 - Porträt Sara Micaletto
30 - Porträt Marjam Jeanette Barysch-Bonderer
31 - Porträt Martin Glatz

32 - Condyloma (French and German)

Photo of the Month (in French and German) (Page 34)

Industry (German and French)
38 - [Zusammenfassung des Sysmposiums von LEO Pharma, SGDV, 99. Jahresversammlung, Bern 8.9. 2017 : Gründe, warum die richtige Formulierung entscheidend ist Prof. Dr. phil. nat. Christian Surber, Daniel Studer]
40 - [Résumé du symposium LEO Pharma, SSDV, 99e réunion annuelle, Berne 08.09.2017 : Des raisons pour lesquelles la formulation correcte est décisive Prof. Dr. phil. nat. Christian Surber, Daniel Studer]

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