September 2018

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-A Monoclonal Antibody That Reverses Vitiligo: A breakthrough !
-Humidity-Regulated Receptors Modulate Skin Functions
-Crisaborole Ointment For Early Relief of Pruritus in AD
-The Immune Response In Dermatophytosis: IL17 Takes Center Stage
-Filaggrin 2 Deficiency Causes Peeling Skin Syndrome
-Robot Beats Dermatologists For Melanoma Diagnosis
-Malassezia Globosa Protects Against Staphylococcus Aureus

FOCUS: Acne (Page 8  )
-Concerns With Acne Guidelines
-A Step Forward To A Vaccine Against Acne
-Low Glycemic Load Diet in Acne. The First Step on a Long Road
 Azithromycin Pulse in Acne Revisited
-Cutibacterium Acnes. A New Name For New Hopes
-Cutibacterium Acnes: Some Are Pathogenic Other Are Not

12  - Mitarbeiterbeurteilung in der dermatologischen Praxis – Entwicklung eines Beurteilungsbogens zur kompetenz- basierten Mitarbeiterbeurteilung am Beispiel des Haut.
Venen.Allergie. Zentrum Brunnehof (in English)

22 - Coup d'oeil. Red, swollen and painful ears: think of ... a diagnosis often forgotten disease
26 - Relapsing Polychondritis: cases report of the Dermatology Department in Bellinzona in last 16 years and update
34 - Avis d’experts suisses sur le traitement du psoriasis vulgaire modéré à sévère avec Skilarence® (fumarate de diméthyle) (in French)

33 - Folliculitis decalvans (Quinquinaud) (in French and German)

Photo of the Month (in French and German) (page 41)

44 - TREMFYA® (Guselkumab) von Swissmedic zugelassen und kassenzulässig seit 01.08.2018 (in German)
45 - Découverte récente: l’urée est bien plus qu’un hydratant naturel de la peau (in French)
46 - Swissmedic autorise la mise sur le marché de TREMFYA® (guselkumab) depuis le 01.08.2018 (in French)

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