F-2015-DH7 (September: Acne)

-Contains the titles of the abstracts dealing on particular topic: Acne, Psoriasis...(Prof. JH Saurat M.D.)
-To view the abstracts, please click on the link at the top of the 1st post. This redirects you to the journal of the matching issue.

F-2015-DH7 (September: Acne)

Postby CFH » Wed Sep 16, 2015 9:14 am

Page 8: http://dermatologicahelvetica.com/en/ar ... clesID=117

1-The mechanism of Vitamin B12-induced Acne

2-Selective Photothermolysis of Sebaceous Follicles

3-Selective Cryolysis of Sebaceous Glands

4-Oral antibiotic therapy for how long ?

5-Meibomian glands damaged by isotretinoin

6-Isotretinoin Cumulative Dosing of 120-150 mg/kg in Question

7-More on Topical Retinoids in Pregnancy

8-Minocyclin may be a RAMBA (retinoic acid metabolism blocking agent)
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