Février 2020



Topical Gentamicin Repairs Translational Gene Dysfunction
Defining Auto Immunity in Lichen Planus Points to Selective JAK1/2 Inhibition Therapy
How and Where Ingested Garlic Exhales at Skin Surface
Simple Massage Is The Best Penetration Enhancer For Clobetasol
A Paradigm For the use of "INIBS" in Genodermatoses
The Future of Sunscreens: Challenge & Opportunities

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And The True Endobacterium of Demodex Folliculorum is…!!
The Mechanism Responsible For Increased Sensitivity To UV Radiation in Rosacea
Rosacea Patients on Doxycyclin May Recieve Laser or Non Laser Light Therapy  
Topical Minocycline in Rosacea. Not a Revolution!
Hydroxychloroquine For Rosacea. A Need For More Cases
Transition From a Subtyping to a Phenotyping Approach in Rosacea: The ROSCO Prototype Clinical Tools
Botox In Rosacea May be Useful and Acceptable

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Neumitglieder der SGDV / Nouveaux membres de la SSDV

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Zeckenstich heisst nicht immer gleich Borelliose !
Zentrum für Dermatologie und Allergologie, Luzerner Kantonsspital, Luzern

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Réunion annuelle de la SSDV 2019: Lilly Immunodermatology Award
Enstilar®, le traitement topique le plus efficace en cas de psoriasis, recommandé en 1ère intention