Septembre 2020



Abrocitinib: an oral, once-daily Janus kinase 1 selective inhibitor for atopic dermatitis- a step forward
The inactive ingredients in drugs may have activity
How to improve human– computer collaboration for skin cancer recognition
Drug-induced bullous pemphigoid: Aldosterone antagonists join the club
Stretching the skin stimulates growth: Here is the mechanism!

FOCUS (page 8)
Isotretinoin: Outcome In The Real World: Not So Simple
Antibiotic Resistance In Acne: Same Concerns / No Worrying Findings
The jungle of oral antibiotics in acne & the need for combination regimens
Truncal Acne / Poor Knowledge / Poor Outcome... & A Niche For Pharma Marketing
Trifarotene The New RAR-Gamma Selective Topical Retinoid That May Work On Truncal Acne
Milk, Sugary Beverages, Fatty And Sugary Products Confirmed As Associated With Acne In Adults
Reviewing New Actors And Targets In Acne

SKIN & COVID19 (page 14)
The Presence of T Lymphocytes Reactive to SARS-COV-2 in Healthy Subjects. A Useful Immune Cross Memory?
Paraviral Eruptions in the Era of COVID-19
The Chilblain Controversy
The Receptor for the SARS-COV-2 is Highly Expressed on Keratinocytes
COVID-19 Under Biologics Associated with Reduced Seroconversion
A Nail Signature for COVID-19

SGDV / SSDV (page 18)
"Stärkung von Qualität und Wirtschaftlichkeit" / "Renforcer la qualité et l'efficacité"
Vorstands-Sitzung vom 18. Juni 2020 / Séance du Comité du 18 juin 2020

Reports (page 24)
Wenn hinter dem Pyoderma gangraenosum etwas anderes steckt...
Photoaggravierte, therapieresistente Suberythrodermie
Knoten mit Überraschung
Was steckt hinter einer Peau d’Orange am Rücken?
Coup d’œil

Portrait (page 42)

Photo of the month (page 45)

Industrie (page 48)
Expertenstatement Sensicutan®

Terminologie (page 50)
Incontinentia pigmenti Bloch–Sulzberger-Syndrom