Novembre 2020



he Origins of Melanoma: New Information Provided by Somatic Mutations in Individual Normal Melanocytes
Urinary Metabolomic Signatures of Vitiligo Patients: Trendy But Only Partly Unexpected
Reduction of Th17 Cells Explains the Efficacy of Dimethyl Fumarate in psoriasis: What else?
Chronic Itch Managing: Do Not Forget Substance Use as a Cause
Sebaceous Human Organoids Confirm The Comedone-Switch Molecular Mechanism in Acne

FOCUS (page 8)
Herpes Zoster May Be Recurrent Which Supports Vaccination
Less Photoaging over 15 Years in Adults Who Consumed Foods with High Antioxidant Capacity
In vivo Quantitative Imaging of the Oxidative Stress in Human Facial Skin Correlates With Wrinkles
Will Topical Rapamycin/Siro- limus Be The New Anti-Aging That Reduces Senescent-Cells?
Using Lymphocytes Killers of Senescent Cells To Rejuvenate Old Organs May Soon Become an Option
Senescence-Centric View of Aging: When Trends May Lead to Revolution

SKIN & COVID19 (page 12)
Maskne a Variant of Acne Mechanica in the O-Zone That Needs Better Guidelines
Anti-androgens Used for Androgenic Alopecia may Protect Against Severe COVID-19 Outcomes: Need for More Data But At Least Reassuring for Users
UVB Exposure May Reduce COVID-19 Deaths. A Wish-Full Approach from Economics and Business People?

SGDV / SSDV (page 14)
PROTOKOLL der 102. Generalversammlung der SGDV /
PROCÈS-VERBAL de la 102e Assemblée générale de la SSD

Reports (page 20)
Axillary acquired pigmented patches: what is your diagnosis?
Coup d’œil "A strange purplish patch"

Portraits (page 26)

Peer-reviewed original work (page 28)
Swiss Practice Recommendations for the Treatment of Acne

Photo of the month (page 34)

Terminologie (page 38)
Purpura Schönlein-Henoch

Industrie (page 40)
CRÈME PIGMANORM® Widmer. Association exclusive de substances actives pour le traitement d’hyperpigmentations
Dermatologen sollten eine größere Rolle bei der HPV-Nachimpfung von Frauen und Männern spielen