Avril 2021


A Rapid Immunodiagnostic Assay for Scabies
Massive Clonal Expansion of Uniques Drug Specific Lyphocytes Is the Cause of Lyell’ Syndrome
Long-term Beneficial Effects of Correcting Systemic Immune Dysregulation Through Topical Therapy
Sebum Composition as a Biomarker for Parkinson Disease

FOCUS (page 8)
SARS-COV-2 Vaccination Looks Mandatory in Patients With Chronic Plaque Psoriasis on Systemic Treatments
A New Topical for the Treatment of Psoriasis That Induces Chloracne
Tonsillectomy May Prevent Psoriasis Onset
Roflumilast a New Topical Phosphodiesterase PDE-4 Inhibitor Efficacious "in Reducing the Severity of Psoriasis"
One Quarter of Psoriasis Patients Use Complementary and Alternative Medicines and Report No Benefit
A Graphical Viewing of Psoriasis as a Systemic Disease for Better Health Outcomes. A Nice Start for a New JID Journal

SKIN & COVID-19 (page 14)
COVID-19 Vaccination Induces Inflammatory Reaction to Dermal Hyaluronic Acid Fillers: How to Prevent It ?
Sebum Composition Is Altered by COVID-19 Infection
“the COVID-19-vaccination Arm”: a Beneficial Skin Contribution to Immunity?

SGDV / SSDV (page 16)
103. Jahresversammlung SGDV / 103 ème Réunion Annuelle SSDV
Grusswort des Tagungspräsidenten sowie des Präsidenten der SGDV
/ Message de Bienvenue du Président de la Conférence et du Président de la SSDV
Programm / Programme

Working Group of Dermatopathology (page 36)

REPORTS (page 40)

Portrait (page 42)

Photo of the month (page 44)

Terminologie (page 47)
Akne inversa, Hidrosadenitis suppurativa
/ Maladie de Verneuil, acné inversa, hidrosadénite suppurée

Indistrie (page 50)
Patient mit invalidisierender palmoplantarer Psoriasis
Erst Guselkumab (TREMFYA®) führt zur erhofften Wirkung