Novembre 2021


Small Fibre Polyneuropathy Identification as a Biopsy-proven Primary Cutaneous Syndrome.
Hidradenitis Suppurativa May Be an Auto-immune Disease
How UVB Radiation Can Generate Systemic Effects: the Mediator of UV Induced Immunosuppression Identified in Blood
Reconstructing Skin by Magnetically Induced Assembly of Autologous Microtissue Cores

FOCUS (page 8)
Linking Chronic Exposure to Traffic-related Air Pollution With Skin Hyperpigmentation: Air Pollutants Cause Skin Tanning
Topical Rapamycin Reduces Markers of Senescence and Aging in Human Skin
Skin Failure as a Continuum of Skin Aging: a Political Challenge
The Elimination of Senescent Fibroblasts via Fractionated Laser Resurfacing Reduces the Procarcinogenic UVB Response of Aged Skin
Senolytics in Skin Regeneration & Aging: Still a Long Way to Go

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Neumitglieder ab Oktober 2021 / Nouveaux membres dès octobre 2021

REPORTS (page 18)
Imiquimod induced vitiligo after condylomata acuminata treatment
Kontaktallergie auf topisches Metronidazol bei einer Patientin mit Rosazea papulopustulosa
Symptomatische Therapie bei Porokeratose superficialis disseminata actinica mit einem Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser
Behandlung der granulomatösen Rosazea mit fluoreszierender Lichtenergie

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Morbus Schaudinn-Hoffmann

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Psoriasis en plaques modéré à grave: Le Tildrakizumab (Ilumetri®) convainc comme traitement à long terme en clinique et en cabinet